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June 21, 2022 Juana Flores Vegas Episode 19
Ruth Millington's Extreme Holidays Podcast
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What's it like to explore the world by yacht? In this episode, I speak with extreme world traveller Juana Flores Vegas who discovered her love for sailing in 2010 after travelling every corner of the globe both on foot and by bicycle.  Since then, she has crossed the Atlantic five times, and in 2017 decided to sail around the world starting from Malaga to the South Caribbean and Panama, crossing the Pacific Ocean to French Polynesia and onto New Zealand returning via Papua New Guinea and Indonesia until the pandemic stopped her.  Juana discusses how she decided the route, the logistics of arranging the trip, the risks sailing brings, and gives tips and advice for those wanting to start sailing.

Juana Flores Vegas was born 1975 in Malaga, South Spain. She’s a Shiatsu massage therapist. Her travels include hitchhiking around Europe, and Honduras and Nicaragua in the 1990s just after the war. She’s also worked as an NGO in India, Guatemala and Nepal, and lived in an environmental community in Nimbin, Australia.  She has cycled Spain, The Canal the Midi in France, Danube River in Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand and Nepal. She has sailed extensively including starting a round-the-world sailing trip in 2017.

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