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October 30, 2021 Elicia Miller Episode 5
Ruth Millington's Extreme Holidays Podcast
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Most people wouldn’t dream of doing a detox never mind going on holiday to Costa Rica to undertake a 30-day water fast run by a fanatical leader! Elicia Miller talks about her decades’ long struggles with her health, the challenges she faced whilst fasting, and how her extreme holiday set her on the road to overcoming her behavioural patterns, finding love, and ultimately healing.

This week I’m delighted to be joined by Elicia for another episode of my Extreme Holidays Podcast.

Elicia is the Founder of Core Emotional Healing® and Candida and Inner Child Expert.  She’s guided hundreds to freedom from Candida and other chronic symptoms, restrictive diets, and emotional chains, but just like any wounded healer, she had to go through her own process first. After a string of abusive relationships, addictions, and health issues, she went on her own journey to cure herself with the aim also of finding ways to help others. She’s also an author and loves to travel. Her journeys have taken her across the world from San Francisco to Thailand, Costa Rica and many other exotic locations.  Check out her work at:

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