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November 13, 2021 Ellis Charlesworth Episode 6
Ruth Millington's Extreme Holidays Podcast
Show Notes

When Ellis Charlesworth, an experienced sailor and former Royal Navy gunner, invited his brother for a sailing trip on his yacht, the last thing he expected was for their trip to end in disaster. Ellis discusses the role male pride and trust played in his fight to save him and his brother's life, the impact the disaster had on their relationship, and who ultimately was to blame. He also reads a poem from one of his poetry collections.  

This week I’m delighted to be joined by Ellis for another episode of my Extreme Holidays Podcast.

Ellis was born in Sutton in Surrey, but now lives in the village of Barlow in Derbyshire.  After school, he studied forestry which took him around Britain’s most finest parts.  At the age of 21, he joined the Royal Navy sailing all around the world including to places such as Kenya and Venezuela.

Ellis is also a poet and writes poetry based on his life and work in the great outdoors. Ellis’s poetry collection, Country Ways Poetry Collection, is available on Kindle. His latest collection, Thank God I’m a Country Boy, will be published soon.

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